Trucks Insurance

Commercial trucking insurance is as diverse as the 3.2 million jobs that make up America�s trucking industry. We make it easy for independent truckers or large motor carriers to get holistic commercial truck insurance nation-wide from one trusted source.

Well help you get some of the best commercial trucking insurance rates in the industry by shopping over 25 of the nation�s specialty truck insurance providers.

Whether you need commercial truck insurance , trailer insurance, cargo insurance or workers compensation services, contact one of our specialists today for a free commercial truck insurance quote.

Trucking Insurance

General Freight Insurance

General freight is one of the most basic types of cargo insurance. Oftentimes, fleets, motor carriers and trucking companies that typically haul standard goods need a general freight policy woven into their commercial truck insurance .

General freight covers all of the cargo in your trucking company�s possession from damages or loss up to a predetermined dollar amount.

Independent truckers or motor carriers that haul more specialized cargo may need slightly different cargo insurance. Produce haulers or sand and gravel haulers are examples of cargo insurance that go beyond the scope of general freight.

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Tow Truck Insurance

Tow truck insurance is a great example of specialty commercial truck insurance, and often requires its own insurance by law.

Good tow truck insurance covers the special capacity in which tow trucks are used and also damages that may occur to the vehicles in tow.

Other specialty trucks will require their own commercial truck insurance as well. Dump truck insurance and moving truck insurance are both examples of commercial truck insurance tailored to specific vehicles.

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