Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance essentially covers lost wages and rehabilitation costs in the event of an accident on the job that causes injury. Workers compensation insurance is mandated by law in many states, so it�s important to purchase your insurance policy from a commercial truck insurance provider licensed in your state.

Trucks Insurance is licensed to provide workers compensation insurance and its counterpart occupational accident insurance in almost all of the United States. We also specialize in regulations state to state to ensure that your fleet or motor carrier is in full compliance with the law.

Just about every trucking company that has full time or part time employees will need a workers compensation policy as part of their commercial truck insurance coverage.

Any employer that utilizes independent contractors will likely desire some type of occupational accident insurance to cover their employees that are not legally required to be protected under their workers compensation policy.

Workers compensation insurance also protects businesses from lawsuits in the case of accidents by covering the expenses and lost wages their employees may suffer during accidents.

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