Trucking Insurance Facts

What Kind of Truck Insurance Do I Need?

That really depends on what kind of trucker you are. State laws regulating commercial truck insurance vary greatly, but in every state all truckers are required by law to have primary liability and some type of cargo insurance. Independent truckers that are covered under their leased company�s insurance may only need simple bobtail insurance. The best thing to do is to contact an agent for a free consultation if you�re unsure of what types of commercial trucking insurance services you need.

What Kind of Truck Insurance Do You Recommend?

Commercial trucking insurance can seem confusing because it�s highly regulated, but it becomes a lot easier when it�s broken down to truck insurance basics. Basically, every truck driver needs truck insurance, trailer insurance and some type of cargo insurance. Specific kinds within each of those categories will depend on a driver�s cargo and employment situation, as some insurance may be covered by employers. Of course, trucker insurance that actually covers the driver is a great idea as well and oftentimes mandated by law, such as worker�s compensation and occupational accident insurance.

How Can Trucks Insurnace Get Me Better Commercial Trucking Insurance Rates?

You may have noticed that commercial truck insurance is highly specialized based on different trucks and cargo. Insurance providers are just as specialized. Some specialize in tow truck insurance, some in dump truck insurance and others even specialize providing insurance to drivers with less-than-perfect driving records. Trucks Insurance is partnered with over 25 specialty insurers to help any kind of driver find better commercial truck insurance rates. We shop all our partnered specialists to get you the best commercial trucking insurance rates we possibly can.

Where Is Trucks Insurance Located?

We have corporate offices in California where we started as a company providing commercial truck insurance in Los Angeles. As of 2010, we�ve grown to become licensed commercial trucking insurance providers in most of the United States. In fact, we currently provide almost as much commercial truck insurance in New Jersey as we do on the West Coast!

How Can I Get Advice on Commercial Trucking Insurance?

Just use our contact form for commercial truck insurance quotes or call us toll free at 866-989-8998. An agent will get back to you within one business day and help you determine what kind of trucking insurance will work best for you.