Truck Liability Insurance

Truck liability insurance covers other people�s property damage and bodily injury costs up to an amount the policy holder predetermines. Truck liability insurance is required by law to operate any commercial truck in the U.S. though the coverage amounts will vary state to state.

Truck liability insurance is also oftentimes called primary liability. Primary liability has the same function whether the policy holder is an independent trucker or a large motor carrier.

Truck liability insurance won�t cover damages to your own truck, trailer or cargo. Those wishing to protect their own assets in the case of accidents regardless of fault will need physical damage coverage and some type of cargo insurance.

Independent contractors are oftentimes covered under their leased trucking company�s primary liability. If this is the case, these drivers may only need a good bobtail insurance policy instead of full truck liability insurance.

For the most part, primary liability is the first line of financial defense of any truck driver or trucking company. Coverage amounts are dictated by law depending on the kind of truck and the cargo it�s hauling, so it�s important to purchase commercial truck insurance through a company that�s licensed in your state.

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