Truck Cargo Insurance

Good commercial truck insurance policies will always contain some type of cargo insurance to protect drivers or fleets from damages to the cargo they don�t own. Cargo insurance is about as diverse as the trucking industry and many types of cargo require specialized insurance by law.

Independent truckers that only need bobtail insurance to cover their truck may benefit from a motor truck cargo insurance policy to cover damage to goods that may occur while in their possession during transit.

Trucking companies and motor carriers that specialize in hauling standard goods may need a general freight policy to cover all of their transported cargo at any given time. Those that haul regulated goods like fuel or food need specialty cargo insurance such as hazardous materials haulers or produce haulers.

Moving trucks will require household goods haulers insurance while dump trucks tend to need dirt, sand and gravel haulers to cover their unique cargo. Cargo insurance may or may not cover the actual trailers, so in some cases, additional trailer insurance is necessary for well-rounded coverage.

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Trucks Insurance can provide almost any type of specialized coverage to suit the needs of the commercial truck industry. We�re also licensed in most of the United States and specialize in compliance regulations that vary state to state.

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