Trailer Interchange Insurance

Trailer interchange insurance is basically trailer and cargo insurance for trucking companies that exercise trailer interchange agreements.

Oftentimes, different trucking companies will finish hauls for each other for a fee in order to save on fuel costs or avoid other geographical logistics. When this occurs, it is known as a trailer interchange and is usually documented with a contract.

Every good commercial truck insurance policy protects the truck, the trailer and the cargo being hauled. But most trailer and cargo insurance doesn�t cover trailers or cargo that�s not owned or contracted to the policyholder.

Trailer interchange insurance covers the truck driver or motor carrier in case of damages or accidents that occur while hauling another trucking company�s goods.

Any independent trucker or trucking company that utilizes trailer interchange agreements will need a good trailer interchange policy as a part of their commercial truck insurance.

Trucks Insurance can provide trailer interchange insurance, as well as almost any type of specialty trailer or cargo insurance.

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