Tow Truck Insurance

Tow Truck Insurance is a common form of specialized commercial truck insurance tailored specifically to tow trucks. Tow trucks need special coverage for their unique use, as well as cargo insurance that is elastic enough to cover any kind of vehicle while in tow.

Tow trucks insurance is one of the few types of commercial trucking insurance that covers both the specialty truck as well as the cargo it hauls. Since tow truck cargo is always one singular vehicle, good tow truck insurance policies are specialized to cover the cost of damage to vehicles and to protect against potential dangers while hitching.

Any independent tow truck driver and any tow trucking companies that own multiple vehicles will need a good tow truck insurance policy as part of their commercial truck insurance. Businesses such as mechanics or auto dealerships that own a tow truck for sporadic use also need a good tow truck insurance policy. Independents may need good comprehensive coverage to protect their tow trucks from fire, damage or theft while non-operational. Similarly, tow trucking companies may wish to hold terminal coverage or other types of insurance to cover their vehicles while garaged.

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