Sand and Gravel Hauler Insurance

Sand and gravel haulers insurance is essentially cargo insurance specialized for dump trucks. The word aggregate hauler is often used to generalize the different cargo commercial dump trucks haul, so sand and gravel cargo insurance can be called aggregate haulers insurance as well. Aggregate is a mix of sediment used widely in construction, asphalt, concrete and other similar applications.

Dump trucks also commonly haul mulch, dirt, sand and gravel to various job sites for their different uses. Good sand and gravel hauler insurance will cover the unique values of aggregate cargo in addition to the hazards associated with dump trucks that may increase the risk of cargo loss.

Sand and gravel haulers insurance will oftentimes go hand in hand with a specialized dump truck insurance policy that covers the actual truck with primary liability, comprehensive coverage and other forms of commercial trucking insurance to protect the driver and vehicle.

Any independent that owns and operates a dump truck or any motor carrier that has multiple dump trucks operating under their authority will need a good sand and gravel haulers policy woven within their commercial truck insurance coverage.

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