Produce Haulers Insurance

Produce haulers insurance is cargo insurance that covers refrigerated commercial trucks that haul fruits, vegetables and other foods on a consistent basis. A large amount of the commercial truck industry consists of produce haulers that transport the nation�s food supply daily.

Produce haulers insurance needs to be very specialized due to the perishable nature of produce hauler�s cargo; most produce haulers actually expect a percentage of their cargo to regularly go bad.

Since there is an element of loss involved with many shipments, and the commercial truck�s refrigeration system adds yet another variable to possible cargo spoilage, a good produce haulers insurance policy will account for the nature of the produce industry and protect drivers against all possible cargo loss.

Produce haulers insurance is necessary for any independent trucker or motor carrier that has several produce haulers that operate under their authority. Those not consistently working as produce haulers might find better cargo insurance coverage in a general freight policy or other forms of more specialized cargo or trailer insurance.

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