Physical Damage Insurance

Physical damage truck insurance essentially covers damages to your own truck that may occur during accidents, regardless of fault. Physical damage insurance can also cover damage to your commercial truck due to things like fire, theft or vandalism.

Some commercial truck insurance providers will refer to physical damage as comprehensive coverage. The two terms usually mean the same thing when used in conjunction.

Physical damage insurance is essential to any independent trucker or motor carrier that wants to protect their own truck, trailer and assets in the event of accidents on the road or from incidents that can occur while the truck is parked or non-operational.

Terminal insurance is a type of physical damage coverage that protects an entire fleet from accidents like fire, vandalism or theft. If your trucking company has a terminal to house its non-operational trucks, you may wish to look into terminal coverage.

In most states, physical damage isn�t required by law to operate a commercial truck, but it may be the most valuable commercial trucking insurance available as far as protecting your own pocket book. This is especially true for independent truckers who may not be able to afford replacing their rig in the event of an accident. Remember, good commercial trucking insurance will cover you, your truck, your trailer and your cargo. If you need further assistance, call us at 866-989-8998 or contact us using our form for online truck insurance quotes. An agent will call you back within one business day to assist you.

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