General Liability Insurance

General liability is essentially the most basic form of commercial truck insurance for any kind of trucking company. It covers company employees and vehicles from third party property damage and bodily injury costs associated with accidents.

Commercial trucking insurance companies sometimes use �general truck liability insurance� and �primary liability� as interchangeable terms. If the terms are separated, primary liability usually refers to coverage built into basic commercial trucking insurance while general liability is used to describe blanket liability of an entire commercial trucking business.

General liability can protect commercial trucking companies from lawsuits, medical costs or property damage costs caused by accidents that may have been the company�s fault.

Any independent trucker, trucking company or fleet will need some kind of primary liability or general liability for their business by law.

Most truckers and motor carriers will also need special trailer insurance and cargo insurance in addition to their general liability coverage if they want a holistic commercial truck insurance policy.

Some states will require some kind of truck driver insurance like workers compensation or occupational accident insurance as well.

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