General Freight Insurance

A general freight insurance policy is one of the most basic forms of cargo insurance and a key element of any commercial truck insurance policy for a motor carrier, fleet or any other kind of trucking company.

General freight essentially covers your entire line of cargo up to a dollar amount and deductable that you choose. If a trucking company specializes in hauling various types of cargo that can generally be described as standard goods, they´┐Żll likely need a general freight policy as part of their commercial truck insurance.

Motor carriers or trucking companies that have multiple trucks operating under their own authority would also likely need a general freight policy to serve as basic cargo insurance for their normal operations.

Big truck insurance usually requires truck insurance and trailer insurance in addition to cargo insurance like general freight. Contact us for a free truck insurance quote and an agent will get back to you within one business day to discuss all the trucking insurance services you might need.

Most general freight policies fall within the $10,000 to $100,000 range of coverage, as more specific types of cargo insurance are usually necessary for cargo that exceeds that amount. Remember, trucking insurance is as highly specialized as the trucking industry; hazardous materials haulers, for example, would need special cargo insurance in excess of general freight coverage, as would fuel tankers or dump trucks.

Trucks Insurance provides just about any kind of specialized cargo insurance to accommodate any independent trucker or large motor carrier. Contact one of our agents for free commercial truck insurance quotes and to help you assemble a commercial trucking insurance package tailored to your business.