Building Materials Hauler Insurance

Building materials hauler insurance is a specialty form of cargo insurance that covers all the different kinds of special materials construction trucks and heavy trucks haul to worksites.

In the construction world, many materials are used that are either perishable or difficult to transport. A good building materials haulers insurance policy will cover all special cargo hazards relevant to the construction industry.

Drywall and wood can suffer damage from moisture or chip during transportation, and these materials are often exposed to the elements when loaded on commercial trucks due to their size. Building materials haulers is specialized commercial trucking insurance drafted with these hazards in mind.

Building materials hauler insurance will usually go hand in hand with some type of specialized commercial trucking insurance such as dump truck insurance, big truck insurance or truck insurance that covers flatbeds. Any fleet that has multiple building materials haulers operating under their authority or any independent frequently working in construction may require building material haulers as their primary form of cargo insurance. Aggregate haulers, such as rear or side-load dump trucks are sometimes better suited with a sand and gravel hauler insurance policy.

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