Bobtail Liability Insurance

Bobtail insurance covers independent owner/operators all the times they�re not covered under their contracted trucking company�s truck liability insurance.

Typically, a motor carrier�s commercial truck insurance policy will cover independent contractors while they�re on the job. Bobtail insurance is a great way for independent truckers to cut costs on their commercial trucking insurance; paying only for the times they use their trucks not under dispatch.

Bobtail insurance is a type of semi truck insurance commonly called non-trucking liability. The terms are virtually the same and both refer to coverage when not under the truck liability insurance of a leased trucking company or fleet.

Our agents can help you determine if you need bobtail insurance when getting a truck insurance quote. Those with specialty trucks that are non-semis usually require their own special commercial trucking insurance, such as dump truck insurance or tow truck insurance.

Every independent owner/operator contracted to a fleet, motor carrier or trucking company will probably need some type of bobtail insurance. Motor truck cargo insurance may also be necessary to independent truckers looking for full commercial trucking insurance coverage.

Trucking companies and motor carriers typically don�t need bobtail insurance, but rather some type of general liability, trailer insurance and cargo insurance.

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You can also visit our dedicated bobtail insurance website for more details.